Triathlon Bike Setup…Please Help Me!

It was only last weekend when I was first able to get up on the bike and give the old wheels a proper spin in over 2 months, after giving myself a little bit of an overly long bike break since the start of Winter. Not surprisingly when I tried to slowly bend my not very supple back back into the TimeTrial position on the bike it felt like I had added roughly 83 years onto myself over the Christmas holidays!

I know it will take a few weeks of easing back into it but for some reason I couldn’t help but feel that the bike position was every so slightly off. I made the short video below and am looking for any advice or comments on my position! If it’s good, if it’s bad, if it’s somewhere in between comment away and let me know know what ye think! I’m setting up the bike to take on my first Ironman 70.3 in Budapest in August but between now and then it will be the shorter faster Sprint and Olympic distance season.

Please drop your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this post (if viewing this in the main menu just click on the title of the article and the comments will be at the bottom of the page) or alternatively drop me a line direct on

Any tips much appreciated 🙂

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