10k Ray National Series 2013 Wrap Up

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It was a long hot Summer…but I’m glad the constant fatigue of racing triathlons nearly every weekend is over and I get to reflect back on the season that was, along with also getting back into having a normal social life! 🙂

This was the first season where I actually put a plan together, in terms of what races to target and how to structure my training. It wasn’t a perfect season by any stretch of the imagination but I was happy to see certain things go certain ways and also see a clear increase in performances as the season progressed. Lots of training is great of course but structure and how you move through an entire season is more important and with everything I experienced this season in trying to get it right I can’t wait to get into the 2014 season and hone it even more!

10k ray triathlon blog - yearly wrap up - excuses picThere were some set backs and changes I would have made to my National Series plan looking at how results went overall. Such as missing out on the Valentia Sprint after it was turned into a duathlon, missing a massive field and opportunity for points at the TriAthy Olympic due to bad back spasms coming from over-training (collapsing at a track race and not being able to move for 4 hours is bad right?) and not realising that Lough Key was hosting such a large field of 500+ racers, where again great points were on offer. Also, I left it until my last 2 events to race my first Olympic distance triathlon and ended up doing 2 within 6 days, with the fatigue from the first one definitely feeding into the second one. I’ll be a little bit cuter and quicker off the mark with planning and booking in my races next season…and also try not to collapse from training again 🙂

There is also the can of worms of how Triathlon Ireland actually work the National Series and how points are allocated, but that would need a blog post just for itself!!! 🙂

My basic aim for the season was to improve on last years position and points, which I managed to do so and with some change left over, getting 543.785 NS points compared to 511.265 in 2012, dropping from 141st overall and 23rd in my age category to 63rd overall and 12th in my age category. All in all I was happy enough with my place in the rankings, considering the massive increase in racers, the far higher levels of competition, the fact I missed 3 big points scoring events and that I pretty much completely suck at one of the disciplines…swimming!!!

National Series Points – 543.785 points
Overall Irish Ranking – 63rd
25-29 Year Old Age-group Ranking – 12th
Club Championships – Kilkenny Tri Club – 9th (top 6 male athletes)

1/ Mourne Olympic Triathlon – 110.84 points
Time – 02:17:46 / Overall Position – 24th
Age-Group Position – 4th 25-29
10k Ray Race Report – Click here

2/ Loughrea Sprint Triathlon – 109.316 points
Time – 01:07:59 / Overall Position – 30th
Age-Group Position – 4th
10k Ray Race Report – Click here

3/ Triathlone Sprint – 108.814 points
Time – 01:09:35 / Overall Position – 61st
Age-Group Position – 8th
10k Ray Race Report – Click here

4/ Two Provinces Sprint Triathlon – 108.092 points
Time – 01:06:43 / Overall Position – 40th
Age-Group Position – 7th
10k Ray Race Report – Click here

5/ Dublin City Olympic Triathlon – 106.66 points
Time – 02:17:07 / Overall Position – 38th
Age-Group Position – 6th
10k Ray Race Report – Click here

North Tipp Sprint Triathlon – 100.635 points (not counting)
Time – 01:13:26 / Overall Position – 63rd
Age-Group Position – 8th

Full results of all athletes in the National Series can be found here
Full results of National Series Club Championship can be found here

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