12 Weeks to London…Week 11 (2nd – 8th September)

10k Ray Triathlon Blog

WEEK 11 = 2nd – 8th September

PM. Swim – 1.5km/35min 100m repeats
PM. Run – 8km/35min Fartlek Track Session

PM. Brick – 33km/60min Bike Interval (Fartlek + 10k TT) followed by 2km/10min Easy Run

PM. Swim – 1.2km/30min Aerobic River Swim

PM. Brick – 20k/30min Recovery Bike followed by 8k/40min Running Track Session followed by 10k/30min Recovery Bike

AM. Physio (Owwwww)

AM. Bike – 30km/60min Interval Bike (4x 4min Race Effort)

AM. Swim – 1km/20min Sea Swim

Everything is packed and on the road to London!!!! Come on Ireland 🙂

Total Swim – 3.5km / 1hr 30min
Total Bike – 93km / 3hr
Total Run – 22km / 1hr 45min

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