12 Weeks to London…Week 6 (29th July-4th August)

10k Ray Triathlon Blog

After two poor weeks back to back, week 6 & 7 are to be two good weeks to get my arse back in gear. Some great races in the pipeline including the National Series Loughrea Sprint Triathlon (week 6)  and the Formula 1 Duathlon in the Phoenix Park (week 7) will be great tests and a good indication of exactly where I am with just over a month to go until the World Triathlon Championships in London. The focus is 3 hard interval bike sessions and 3 hard pool sessions per week, 2 hard runs and just a couple of easy, recovery sessions.

WEEK 6 = 29th July – 4th August
Plan to have a few hard weeks in a row!

PM. Brick – 38km/80min Bike Intervals (10x 2min Max/2min Easy)
followed by 4.5km/22min Run Steady

AM. Swim – 2km/50min Speed Sets
PM. Bike – 42.5km/83min Intervals (3x 10min Race Pace/10min Easy)

AM. Run – 8km/35min Aerobic

No Training 😦

AM. Swim – 1.5km/45min Lesson
PM. Bike – 46km/90min Aerobic Spin, Rolling Hills

AM. Run – 8km/35min Intervals (Yasso 800’s – 3x 800m at 10k race pace with 2.5min jog recovery)
PM. Bike – 10km/20min Easy with some sprints

A.M. RACE Loughrea Sprint Triathlon
750m/13min Swim – 20km/33min Bike – 5km/18min Run

Total Swim – 4.3km / 1hr 50min
Total Bike – 156km / 5hr 20min
Total Run – 25.5km / 2hr

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