12 Weeks to London…Week 3 (8th-14th July)

After a weekend of pushing it as hard as I could at the TriAthlone National Sprint Championships I had one day of rest to look forward to (Sunday 7th) before back at it again. Although we give out a hell of a lot about the crappy weather in Ireland, I wasn’t overly thrilled to hear of a heatwave hitting Ireland for this week! Massive amounts of sunshine doesn’t go overly well with my complexion, shall we say!! With two triathlons on the books for the weekend, Mon-Fri were not going to be all out. In the end, I sprained my ankle at the Two Provinces triathlon, which meant I had to pull out of Carrick-on-Suir triathlon and substitued in a nice gently 80min cycle just to get out in the sun 🙂

WEEK 3 = 8th-14th July

P.M. Run – 12.5km/60min Aerobic

P.M. Brick – 33km/60min Tempo Bike (last 20mins at Race Pace) followed by 7.5km/35min Run Intervals (5x 500m at slightly above Race Effort)

P.M. Brick – 2.2km/40min Endurance River Swim followed by 20k/40min Bike Steady

A.M. Swim – 1.5k/40min Lesson focusing on technique

A.M. Run – 3.5k/18min Easy with 4x 100m Strides
P.M. Bike – 15k/30min Steady with 4x 60sec Race Effort

A.M. Race – Two Provinces Sprint Triathlon
750m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run – Race Time 01:06:43

P.M. Bike – 36k/80min Recovery Spin

Total Swim – 4.6km / 1hr 35min
Total Bike – 125.5km / 4hr
Total Run – 28.5km / 2hr 15min

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