Look ahead to the Two Provinces Triathlon

After some pretty good feelings following TriAthlone National Sprint Championship last Saturday (6th July), I look ahead to this weekends race, Audi Athlone Two Provinces Triathlon, with fairly high expectations. The swim is coming along, I am back on my trusted Giant Trinity Time Trial bike this week and a relatively easy week of run training to get the legs fresh again…as they are my secret weapon at the end of the day!!

two provinces triathlon action shot(Action shots from last years race)

I haven’t raced this course before but one of the main draws is that it is a lake swim and sits perfectly with training towards the World Triathlon Championships in London where the swim is in the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. There are bound to be differences between both but at least its a bit closer than swimming in the pool or downstream in a river!

Like TriAthlone last week, the bike course is a straight out and back course, flat road and on a completely closed road! This really is such a plus for racers and takes quite a large risk out of play. All organisers should really try where possible to work with local Garda to enforce this. The run route looks interesting with a little bit of trail running at the start (love it!) and then onto a 2km out and back course. Great for seeing where you’re positioned and giving the evil eye to your competitors 😀

national series logo 10k RayBeing a National Series (N.S) race there should be some serious triathletes there trying to pick up some points but as there won’t be anywhere near the same turnout for races like TriAthy, TriAthlone or Dublin City Triathlon, 100+ points will be hard for me to come by! There were little over 200 racing last year and 147 the year before that. Hopefully with it getting National Series it might bump up over 300.

Looking at last years results (race won by Eamon McAndrew in time of 01:01:37) I would hope to have slotted in around 15th place in 1hr 7mins. Being a NS race with larger field I will hope for around the same time, but a good bit further down the overall standings (maybe top 30-40?) and in and around 105-106 points.

(video – Image highlights of the 2012 race by Pixel Promotions)

With a small but fast brigade of KTC’ers heading towards the Longford/Roscommon border (Eoin Molloy, Eddie O’Keefe and myself) we will be looking to race hard and do some serious representin’ for the Cats!

Best of luck to everyone taking part and to Lanesboro Triathlon Club who are organising the race!

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