12 Weeks to London… The Training Schedule – Week 1 & 2

With just 12 weeks to go to London I have finally gotten around to convincing myself to commit to a properly structured training plan of some sort! I have gotten in a decent Spring and early Summer of training and racing but still have that serious feeling of lack of structure and discipline. After a quick google for ‘Advanced Sprint Triathlon Training Plan’ I might have struck Gold with a (handily enough) 12 week plan from tri mag Triathlete Europe’s online website put together by Tim Crowley (USAT Level 3 coach). Apparently he is the 2009 USAT Elite Coach of the Year, so there should be something worth taking from it!

(Tim Himself!)

Of course it is impossible to go through these plans exactly as they are put down – work & life commitments, races, injuries, and different levels of ability across the 3 sports all get in the way – but as a basic structure for building, peaking and tapering for the World Sprint Triathlon Championships in London (13th September) this looks like my best bet!

I will be logging my training sessions each week so check them out if you’re looking to see how to get in perfect shape for a race….or wait until my results after each race to see how to make a complete mess of it 🙂 Right now I’m 2 weeks in and they have been going as follows…

WEEK 1 = 24th-30th June
Last Hard push ahead of Taper week for TriAthlone

P.M. Bike – 35km/70min Steasy pushing on inclines

A.M. Physio Session
P.M. Brick – 33km/60min Bike Intervals (11x 1min Max/1min Recover) followed by 6.5km/30min Run Intervals (2km Steady/2km Race Pace/2km Tempo)

A.M. Swim – 1.5k/45min Lesson focusing on technique
P.M. Brick – 750metre/15min Tempo River Swim followed by 5km/25min Run Steady

P.M. Brick – 30km/70min Bike Easy followed by 4.5km/20min Run Easy

A.M. Swim – 2.1km/50min Intervals (including 12x 100m Pull & 6x 50m Max effort)
P.M. Run – 13km/1hr Interval (5x 1.2km at 5km Race Pace = 03:28min per km)

A.M. Bike – 93km/3hr Long with 7x 10mins at 40km Race Pace

P.M. Run – 14km/65min Trail

Total Swim – 4.3km / 1hr 50min
Total Bike – 191km / 6hr 20min
Total Run – 43km / 3hr 20min

WEEK 2 = 1st-7th July
Easy Week to get body ready for TriAthlone

A.M. Swim – 2km/50min incl. Speed Intervals (25m/50m/75m/100m/75m/50m/25m at Max effort with 20sec recovery)

A.M. Physio Session
A.M. Run – 6km/30min Easy
P.M. Bike – 40km/80min Intervals (3x 4min at 20km Race Pace)

P.M. Brick – 1.4km/25min Tempo River Swim followed by 5km/20min Tempo Run (2nd half at 5km Race Pace)

A.M. Swim – 1.5k/35min Lesson focusing on technique

P.M. Run – 4k/20min Easy with 4x 100m Strides
P.M. Bike – 10k/25min Easy with 3x 90sec Sprints

A.M. RACE – TriAthlone – 750m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run

Rest Day

Total Swim – 5.75km / 2hr
Total Bike – 70km / 2hr 15min
Total Run – 20km / 1hr 30min

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