Preview for North Tipp Sprint Triathlon

And with a wallop comes the first triathlon of the season, the earliest in a season I have ever attempted a triathlon! And not only that, it’s a National Series race too!! And not only that & that, it’s my first ever time doing a triathlon in a pool!!! And not only that & that & that, I’m coming off the back of my worst athletics injury (hip)!!!! And not only that & that & that & that, I have done soooo little swimming practice. Hmmmmmmm, this might get ugly….

The race is the North Tipp Sprint Triathlon, 750m Swim/20k Bike/5k (and a little bit) Run, all taking place in and around the town of Nenagh in north Tipperary. According to the race website, North Tipp Triathlon, the bike course is “super flat, fast course”. That’ll be nice then! Although if recent weather is anything to go by one half of the bike course shall be quite the test. 40k winds have been a regular thing in the past couple of days but the weather man seems to predict conditions that won’t be too harsh. Touch wood right now…

Speaking of which, this time of the year isn’t the best to be running from a pool completely soaked to the skin and out into the great Irish outdoors. What the hell do you wear for a pool based triathlon?? Full tri suit?? Tri Shorts and a t-shirt/cycling jersey/tri-top waiting expectantly for you outside on the bike?? Going to go the route of tri-shorts for the swim, only on the basis that I think the drag from the excess material in the tri-suit could slow me down in the water and if I get any slower…I’m not even going to even finish that line.

Expectations are middle of the road for the result. I’ll take whatever I get in the pool but, being that its so early in the year and it’s not the strongest field that could be racing, overall pool times shouldn’t be too hot. I plan on giving the bike course a crack and then using the run leg to put all the last few months hard training into proper use and make up any lost ground on the field there. The fact that the run is nearly 300 meters over the 5k distance is only good news to me! With nearly 300 racing the plan is to snag 100+ National Series Points and aim for a top 60 overall.

The boys and girls at host club, Nenagh Triathlon Club, have put together their own form guide, which can be found here My money will be on Marie Boland in the ladies race and prob Davey Richardson in the mens.

The race takes place Saturday morning,  20th April. 1st wave in to the pool is at 9am. I’m in the 3rd wave so plunge time is around 10am. Last wave gets in around 1pm so it should be done and dusted by 2.15pm-ish. Best of luck to everyone taking part, especially the strong contingent of fellow Kilkenny Triathlon Club members travelling up. Full race report to follow next week!

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2 thoughts on “Preview for North Tipp Sprint Triathlon

  1. Absolutely! Great weather predicted for tomorrow’s National Sprint Championship in Athlone and a supposed heat wave next week! Crack out the suncream and race, race, race 😀 Enjoyed your latest Ironman race report!

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