#Winning! Triathlon Ireland Awards 2014

The Triathlon Ireland end of year awards evening were on last night (Nov 1st). A chance for Irish age-groupers and pro’s to get together, let the hair down and have one night off to celebrate the end of the season and have a good old knees up before winter training begins for 2015 season!

I was delighted to get notification a couple of weeks ago that there would be a bronze medal waiting for me on the night, for 3rd place overall in the 30-34 year old age-group from the Duathlon National Series rankings. This year was the first year that Triathlon Ireland introduced a National Duathlon Series and it was something that was long overdue! The range of duathlon events in Ireland is growing year on year and given that we have some seriously talented run/bike/run athletes (who might not happen to be the greatest swimmers, myself included!) it is only fair that we get to have our own age-group titles to race for over a (mini)season.

Read the Triathlon Ireland report on the big winners from the night

Check out some snaps of the night courtesy of Martin Jancek

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TEAM IRELAND! Group Shot from ETU European 70.3 Championships

Pic taken at Challenge Mallorca-Paguera last weekend (Sat 18th Oct) at the ETU European Middle Distance (Half Ironman) Championships! Always a joy to race with fellow country-men/women abroad and what a great bunch of folk to share my first 70.3 triathlon adventure with! #TeamIreland #TriIreland


Team Ireland at the European Half Ironman Championships

Yummy Cheap Homemade Protein Bars!

As someone who has spent the last couple of months finishing every gym session by walking over to the vending machine and putting in €3.50 for a protein bar, I was very excited to come across a few recipes for homemade, tasty, and most importantly, cheap protein bars. Most of them follow the same few key steps outlined below but there is always room for you to make it your own and throw in a few extra pieces here or there! Follow the instructions below and you can’t go too far wrong.

I spent a total of roughly €10 putting these together and with roughly 14 bars made there are some serious savings to be made! The only big purchase is a tub of protein (or similar) powder and if you’re a hard training triathlete or runner you should really have some form of recovery powder hanging around the house regardless!


  • 250ml Coconut Cream (Coconut milk can also be used and is easier to find)
  • 300g Peanut Butter (Ideally low-sugar variety or even use almond butter!)
  • 400g Uncooked Oatflakes
  • 5 scoops/150g Whey Protein or other (I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey)
  • 2 Tablespoons Flaxseed
  • 1 Tablespoon Crushed Almonds
  • Handful Dried Fruit (I forgot to use these in the end!)

There is nothing tough to this recipe apart from getting your hands nice and messy and mixing it all together!! I bought cream of coconut rather than coconut cream (I didn’t know there was a difference!) which meant adding water to a hard lump of coconut and whisking until it was all a nice smooth white creamy liquid. Save yourself the hassle though and buy it pre-creamy!

cream of coconut - 10k ray protein bar recipe

Firstly, add the Coconut Cream into a large bowl

powder - 10k ray protein bar recipe

Next in is the protein powder of your choice and mix it all together using a wooden spoon

peanut butter - 10k ray protein bar recipe

Then add the Peanut Butter and continue to mix.  It will slowly start to turn from a milky liquid into a more solid structure. Mixing all this into a thick gloop is quite therapeutic!

mixing it up! 10k ray protein bars

Next step is to throw in the Oatflakes, Flaxseed and Crushed Almonds and get those hands dirty! Mush it all together and get a good spread of the ingredients throughout.

protein bars - 10k ray

Place the entire mixture into a flat tray and smooth it out evenly to your own desired thickness of bar and place it into the fridge to chill overnight. Take it out and you should be able to slice it into 10+ very decent sized bars.

The final, and most important, step is to go out for a gym session, a long hard cycle, run or swim (or maybe all of them!), get back to the house and tuck in!

70g Serving size / 300 Calories per bar / 25g Protein

Perfect for after a hard session or meal replacement if out and about! Please like below and share it around if you think this might be of any use. Happy eating! 🙂

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My 2014 Race Schedule

Now that the off-season is well over it’s time to put a plan of action together for the duathlon/triathlon season and get it right to peak for those all important ‘A’ races. There are nearly 20 races I have penciled in for myself from February to September – Duathlons, Triathlons, Half Marathons, 10 Mile, and hopefully 1 or 2 shorter 5-10km road races along the way.

That may seem like a hell of a lot of races but compared to last year its actually down! I know the ideal season should be less cluttered with probably half as many races, but, to quote another duathlete age-grouper’s blog, I get a buzz out of racing, and that’s the reason I train. Train to race, not train to train“. I just love the buzz of getting out to race and if it means losing a number of weekends of perfect long distance training, I’d happily sacrifice it to keep my adrenaline levels regularly topped up!

The vast majority of the races below are ‘C’ or ‘B’ races, with the season focusing on 3 ‘A’ races – The National Duathlon Championship (April), The National Olympic Championship (June), and the Budapest Ironman 70.3 (August) – 3 peaks in 1 season, can it be done? Do I even know how to have 1 peak?! It will definitely be a new type of season for me and one which will be a massive learning process, as I am going ‘long’ for the first time ever meaning short distance speed will suffer, but as I am also trying to have my best Sprint/Olympic season for the National Series it’s going to be a bit of a mix and match training schedule!

It is always important to set yourself goals though and for 2014 its;

  • GO LONG! Take on the 70.3 distance for the first time and try get my target race time. Budapest Ironman 70.3 will be the main race for the year and everything builds towards this. I won’t say my target time yet for fear of jinxing it but I’ll go into it in further detail in a post dedicated to my preparations for this one race
  • Target the Triathlon Ireland National Series (NS) races and improve my overall position from 63rd last year to sub 60th. I’m moving into a new age category this year, 30-34 year old, tougher than the 25-29 I enjoyed for the last 2 years, so the goal is to finish inside the top 15 here.
  • PB’s in 10k (sub 35min), 10mile (sub 58:30min) and Half Marathon (sub 80min)
  • Train smarter across all 3 disciplines, have a more focused and efficient race strategy and keep the body free from injuries (lost total of 5 weeks during the racing season last year with illness, and hip, leg and back trouble!)

[*NS = Triathlon Ireland National Series Races]

Fingal Duathlon / 1st Feb = C Race

Kilkenny Duathlon / 2nd March = C Race
Ballycotton 10 Mile / 9th March = B Race (aiming for 10 Mile PB)
Fingal Duathlon / 15th March = C Race
Naas Duathlon / 23rd March = C Race

National Duathlon Championships / 5th April = A RACE
Race TBC

Stoneyford 10k / 10th May = C Race (TBC)
TriAthy Olympic Tri (NS) / 31st May = B Race

Phoenix Park Duathlon / 4th June = C Race
Mullaghmore Sprint Tri (NS) / 14th June = B Race
Hell of the West Olympic Tri (National Champs) (NS) / 28th June = A RACE

TriAthlone Sprint Tri (NS) / 5th July = B Race
Phoenix Park Duathlon / 9th July = C Race
Two Provinces Tri (NS) / 12th July = B Race
Half Marathon, TBC = C Race

Phoenix Park Duathlon / 6th August = C Race
Caroline Kearney Olympic Tri (NS) / 9th August = B Race
Ironman 70.3 Budapest / 23rd August = A RACE

Blacksod or Belfast Olympic Tri (NS) / 7th or 13th September = B Race
Only doing one of the above races if require additional NS Points!

The main reason for writing all this down was so people see it and then I’ll have to stick to it. However, all above are liable to change depending on my humour…. 😉

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10k Ray Blog – 2013 in Review (Compiled by Wordpress.com)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. 2013 was the first year I started blogging about my highs and lows running and racing triathlons and I hope to go bigger and better in 2014!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Triathlon Bike Setup…Please Help Me!

It was only last weekend when I was first able to get up on the bike and give the old wheels a proper spin in over 2 months, after giving myself a little bit of an overly long bike break since the start of Winter. Not surprisingly when I tried to slowly bend my not very supple back back into the TimeTrial position on the bike it felt like I had added roughly 83 years onto myself over the Christmas holidays!

I know it will take a few weeks of easing back into it but for some reason I couldn’t help but feel that the bike position was every so slightly off. I made the short video below and am looking for any advice or comments on my position! If it’s good, if it’s bad, if it’s somewhere in between comment away and let me know know what ye think! I’m setting up the bike to take on my first Ironman 70.3 in Budapest in August but between now and then it will be the shorter faster Sprint and Olympic distance season.

Please drop your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this post (if viewing this in the main menu just click on the title of the article and the comments will be at the bottom of the page) or alternatively drop me a line direct on
EMAIL – raymondlonergan2002@yahoo.co.uk
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/10k_Ray

Any tips much appreciated 🙂

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Triathlon Ireland National Series Race Calendar 2014

The list of races that comprise the 2014 Vodafone Triathlon Ireland National series has just been released this week! The most notable change is the diminished number of races (7 Sprint and 6 Olympic, with the 2 Middle distance), which Triathlon Ireland hopes will promote a bit more head-to-head in each race and also keep entrant numbers per race a bit more even, meaning there should be less tactics in race selection by triathletes trying to get the most points possible for the year. Hopefully this shall ring true for the coming season!

The Sprint races offer a great spread across the country, covering every province and the addition of a new race to calendar, the 3D Tri Sprint pool-based tri in the National Aquatic Centre. The Sprint Championship is being held at the Crooked Lake Tri in Armagh, one which got great praise by racers last year. Check out the cool video taken at the 2013 race by clicking here.

  • Sprint Distance

18th May: 3DTri Sprint Triathlon [Pool] (National Aquatic Centre, Dublin)
7th June: Crooked Lake Triathlon (Camlough, Armagh)
14th June: GloHealth Mullaghmore Triathlon (Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo)
21st June: Hook or By Crook (Dunmore East, Waterford)
5th July: Waterways Ireland TriAthlone (Athlone Town)
12th July: Two Provinces Triathlon (Lanesboro, Co. Longford))
26th July: King of the Hill (Kinsale, Co. Cork)

The Olympic races favour the Westerly side of the country for 2014, with Galway, Clare and Mayo hosting 3 of the 6 races. After 2 years hosting, it is sad to see Dublin City Triathlon not get the National Olympic Championship again, however it gives me the chance to journey to the Hell of the West, a race I have yet to experience. It is also great to see the 1 year old Belfast Triathlon getting NS status.

  • Standard / Olympic Distance

25th May: The Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon (Gort, Co. Galway)
31st May: TriAthy Olympic (Athy Town) 28th June: Hell of the West (Kilkee, Clare)
9th August: Caroline Kearney Memorial Triathlon (Lough Ennel, Westmeath)
24th August: Dublin City Triathlon (Dublin City)
7th September: Belfast Titanic Triathlon (Belfast City)
13th September: Blacksod Point Challenge (Belmullet, Co. Mayo)

  • Middle Distance

17th August: Half Ireman (Bangor, Co. Down)
30th August: The Lost Sheep (Kenmare, Co. Cork)


  • National Triathlon Championships

National Sprint Distance Championship: 7th June, Crooked Lake
National Standard Distance Championship: 28th June, Hell of the West
National Middle Distance Championship: 30th August, The Lost Sheep

  • National Duathlon Championship

5th April: Fingal Race Series – Duathlon 3 (County Dublin)

  • National Aquathlon Championship

19th July: Galway Aquathlon [long distance] (Galway City)

  • National Paratriathlon Championship

5th July: Waterways Ireland TriAthlone Paratriathlon (Athlone Town)

  • Childrens National Championships

Triathlon: 3rd August: Predator Junior National Championships (Loughrea, Co. Galway)
Aquathlon19th July:  Galway Aquathlon (Galway City)

Please click here for the full list of all Triathlon Ireland authorised races for 2014

And click here for a Google map of Ireland with all the National Series races pinned on!

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Roll with it! Some Simple Tips On How To Improve Your Training, Racing & Recovery

10k Ray - Physio blog

(Pic above – Eoin Everard showing us how to hurt ourselves with Foam Rollers!)

On Thursday last (24th October) myself and the other runners from Fit4Life Kilkenny were treated to a talk and demonstration by local top runner and newly set-up physiotherapist Eoin Everard, (www.solutionsphysio.com) who took us through the basics on pre-covery, recovery and how best to use foam rollers. Eoin is a National Champion at 1.5km and a sub-4 minute mile runner so should hopefully know a thing or two about getting the body in the best shape possible!

Right now is the time to take heed of training/recovery advice as we head into the Winter months, which for most runners means the Base Phase or building towards a Spring Marathon and long miles pounding the road. The body will be put under a lot of strain and being proactive rather than reactive can save yourself a world of hurt!!

Although I have read up on nutrition, recovery and smart training before there was still a lot to learn and I realised how far off the mark I am myself, especially with things that appear completely basic. I have listed the points below that really stood out to me personally from the talk, which I hope to take into my regime immediately, and below that I have listed some great articles that can help athletes plan out a perfect training/recovery regime. Of course everyone is different in terms of ability, weight, amount of training you can do, distances you race, but if any of these can be of use to you, dear reader, then all the better!

  • The 1% rule – When trying to become better, faster, stronger it’s easier to make 1% gains in 5 different areas rather than make a 5% gain in 1 area!
  • Very basic, but make sure to get in 1.5-2litres of water per day
  • Maintain a clear urine colour pre- and post-training to ensure you are adequately hydrated
  • Increase the amount of Fruit & Veg for lunch & dinner. Get those sugars and carbs from natural healthy food types
  • If possible (in a dream life!) get in a nap during the day, minimum of 30mins to produce growth hormone and maximum 45mins so doesn’t upset normal sleep cycle
  • Keep your nutrition regular and consistent day to day. Think ahead to your training later that day as you plan meal content and timings
  • Get in some form a pre-workout energy snack, like a banana or nutrigrain bar so you are close to 100% starting the workout
  • Get those legs up post-workout! Even just 15mins of relaxing and keeping your calves elevated after a run will speed up the recovery process
  • Be very careful with your post-workout/race nutrition and ensure to get in some form of protein/carb mix and replenish water reserves as soon as possible after the workout
  • Spend 10mins after each workout with an adequate cool down and stretching/foam rolling (calves, hamstrings, quads, abductors, back) to restore muscular length and balance
  • Make an Athletic Diary to log activities, nutrition, mood, stresses and training in the days before and of a race and take learnings for what does and doesn’t work into your next race. Check out the free online RunnersWorld training diary
  • Try to eliminate artificial lights (tv, phone, laptop, etc) from your eyes in the build-up towards bedtime so you don’t affect serotonin levels negatively and aim for 8 hours of restful sleep each night
  • Be aware of and try reduce different voluntary and involuntary stresses acting on you throughout the day (family, social, work, environmental, new training regimes, heavy volume training, sleeping pattern, sickness). Check out the great article on ‘The Science Behind Stress’ I have shared below!
  • Below is the Recovery Pyramid (Courtesy of SolutionsPhysio)
Recovery Pyramid - Courtesy of SolutionsPhysio

Courtesy of SolutionsPhysio

I have listed some online articles below that I have found helpful to keep those injuries at bay and get the body running on full steam!

10k Ray - Foam Roller funny jpeg - physio blog post

Get Rolling!!!

Foam Rolling
How to Foam Roll Like a Pro – infographic – (Greatist.com)

What is a Foam Roller, How Do I Use It and Why Does It Hurt? – (BreakingMuscle.com)

Pre-Training/Race Nutrition
What to East Before a Run – (RunnerConnect.net)

A Runner’s Diet – Getting the Right Nutrition Before a Race – (Asics.com)

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition for Runners – (MensFitness.com)

Post-Training/Race Nutrition
Re-Fueling the Runner: Post Workout Nutrition – (RunningTimes.com)

Post-Workout Fuel You Need – (Active.com)

Post-Training/Race Recovery
After the Race – (Active.com)

Post-Run Recovery Tips – (RunnersWorld.com)

How to Recover from a Tough Racing Season – (RunningTimes.com)

Overtraining: Why it Happens, How to Spot It & How to Dig Yourself Out
– (RunningCompetitor.com)

All About Overtraining – (TrainingPeaks.com)

The Science Behind Stress – Why Runners Can Become Injured – (Ultra168.com)

I would like to stress that this post is in no way written for profit or for business purposes with Solutions Physio. I am merely kindly passing on the key points I picked up from the talk to share with my readers and hopefully help a few other people train and race at their best and, touch wood, keep injury free!

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Pain & Rain – A Welcome Return to Cross Country Racing!

10k ray blog - dunboyne leinster novice cross country - race start

And they’re off! Pic courtesy of Kilkenny Athletics

The topic of discussion on the drive up from sunny Kilkenny towards Dunboyne, Co. Meath for the Leinster Novice 6km Cross Country Championship consisted mainly of the horrible weather, which was getting worse the closer we got to the race, and whether this Winter racing nonsense was really worth the hassle at all. Throw into the mix the fact I was full of food and wine from 2 previous nights of serious over-indulging at the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival and I was surprised I managed to get myself out the door of the car at all…Figuratively and literally! The poor training and plenty of excuses not to do it were put aside for the hour however. On went the smile (along with the wellies) and I was getting excited to be back racing again after a 5 week self-imposed hiatus.

10k ray blog - dunboyne leinster novice cross country

The sun decides to shine after the race is over!

I had about 20mins to get my warm up in after finally making it to the Kilkenny City Harriers tent to get my race number from the team manager. The rain had lightened up at this stage so I stripped out of my winter woollies and into my race gear to start warming up the muscles. The 6km course was 3 laps of a 2km course so I jaunted around 1 lap to get my bearings. The course was as flat as you could get for a cross-country race but each lap had roughly 15 hard bends and each of them had been completely destroyed from the rain and a morning of junior races.

Standing in the race start pen I got a shot of ‘The Fear’. I really felt I had no right to be in this race with the sheer lack of training and half arsed build up to the race, not to mention all the greyhounds standing around me. The gun went, I lost my mind and broke with the leading group of 6 for the first lap. I have no idea why I did. It was a horrible mistake! I spent the first half of the first lap thinking ‘dig in Ray…you can take these guys…you’re going to win…’ but that quickly changed to ‘give up Ray…you’re getting dropped and passed by lads behind…you’re going to come last…’.

I genuinely wanted to give up so bad, the legs were drained, fatigue was at an extreme and everything hurt. It even went as far as running the different injuries through my brain I could pretend to have to step out of the race. Leg Injury? No, I’d have to keep limping all the way back to the car. Shoulder or neck injury? No, how would I have gotten it? Back injury? Perfect, and the easiest to get away with because of my back injury earlier in the season! But no, I came to race and finish it regardless. The 2nd lap was pure torture as I slowed and found myself dumped down close to 30th spot but as the 3rd lap started the idea that it was only once more around gave me a little lift and got my pace back to slowly claw back some places. The finishing chute never looked so good to me before!

10k ray blog - dunoyne leinster cross country - dirty runners

From this to this…

Overall I was happy with the performance, 21st place out of 72, with a very decent field competing in it. Onwards and upwards to the Leinster Intermediate Cross Country in Adamstown (Sunday 10th November) with a bit more focus on the training and hopefully there won’t be another food and drink festival on the 2 days before that race 😀

10k ray blog - dunboyne leinster novice cross country - take away food

A well earned reward of Bacon-Cheese chips later that night! Not an official part of the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival! 😉

Pictures of the day courtesy of Kilkenny Athletics available on their Flickr page

Full results from the men’s Novice race available from Precision Timing

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Lets Go Country! Top Online Articles on Cross Country Running

It’s October, it’s Winter, it’s the end of the tri season…time to take on Cross Country running (or X/C, as the cool kids refer to it). This is a must for all aspiring road runners and triathletes looking to head into 2014 a stronger, faster, tougher, and basically, better runner. The hillier courses over relatively short distances (anywhere between 3-10km) mean you will get in some of your greatest ever core and leg-strength workouts while keeping the joints in check due to lower mileage and being on soft grassy terrains. Check out the range of online articles at the bottom of this blog post to help you become a serious X/C racer and take a nice well deserved break from those firm track and even firmer road surfaces!

For those completely new to cross country running it may be a daunting prospect, offering a complete unknown in terms of racing, training, fitness and gear. I remember the week before heading to my first race thinking it was going to be mayhem, running through muck up to your hips, leaping over fences, ditches and puddles and putting myself through a completely unnecessary form of hell to finish last against actual cross country runners…you know, the kind of guys who live in the mountains and run up vertical slopes for a laugh. But I was completely wrong…

Cross Country Running - Muck - 10k Ray Blog

…Well I was right about the muck, leaping ditches and puddles and putting myself through hell but I was wrong about how much fun and excitement these races give, along with the immediate gains in fitness and running ability and not to mention the psychological gains from knowing you can take on and conquer bad weather and tough, changing terrain. It can also offer new runners, and particularly younger runners, a great taste of organised and competitive racing.

Training partners have said to me how my running has came on leaps and bounds since this time last year and all I could say was it was down to the 2012/13 cross country season, where I also managed to win the Kilkenny County Intermediate Championship and was on the winning team for the County Senior Championship with Kilkenny City Harriers. For the months ahead X/C is all I will recommend to anyone willing to listen to me! My own X/C season kicks off this Sunday with the Leinster Novice Championship in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, then rolling all the way through until next March taking in some A level races (National Intermediate, National Novice, Kilkenny County Senior) and a host of smaller B & C level races.

Cross country helps you improve, whatever your goals


I have searched through the world wide web to dig up some of my favourite articles on X/C running, covering topics for newbies starting off to those more experienced looking for some interesting training regimes and race strategies. Start digging into the links below, get in with your local running club, invest in a decent pair of X/C runners and enjoy your Winter runs through our mucky fields. Mo Farah started off as a cross country runnner…need I say anymore 😀


How to Run Cross Country (WikiHow)

Basic Cross Country Training (Everything Track and Field)

The Art of Running Faster (X/C section) (Human Kinetics)

Cross Country Specific Training Tips (RunnersWorld)

Cross Country Running – Specific Training Demands (Kinetic Revolution)

Hal Higdon Cross Country Training Program (Hal Higdon) 

Strategies for Cross Country Racing (run.isport)

Cross Country Race Strategy (Tips4Running)
Cross Country Running Tips (Tips4Running)

(Fixture List for National X/C races & List of all Running Clubs)

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